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 If you're still out there
Posted by Nemes[hsma] - 05-20-20 18:53 - 0 comments
If you're still out there and wondering where HSMA is at we have a facebook group page. Post your info here so you can be added.

TS3 works but you need an older client and no one is on it right now. Most of us use discord atm. My info is DjNems#6723 if you want to add me as a friend.
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 Oh my god,
Posted by Hawkeye[hsma] - 08-14-16 21:39 - 1 comments
Look at her butt!
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 computer help
Posted by TheRealPsycho - 06-20-15 20:21 - 2 comments
Hey everyone trying to get back to gamin slowly trying to fix my pos and for some reason I get it to work for a few days then nothing works in windows I'm trying to diagnose it or reformat and it will not let me .

I would appreciate the help from anyone who is more technical savy then I.

Thanks in advance guys
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 Star wars VS Star Trek (epic trailer)
Posted by GPX[hsma] - 02-12-15 23:35 - 2 comments
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Posted by Nemes[hsma] - 08-18-14 22:10 - 0 comments
Jibmoney's facebook page for his group of clans called United Tactical Gamers (UTG).


Jib would like us to join his anti cheat community. I dont know how death feels about putting his stamp on the clan of hsma joining, but individually we can join cause its just a community, i think. o.O I need a Yay or Nay on this.

Death your thoughts?

Other members your thoughts as well?

Need some feed back on this.
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 For those tanker lubbers
Posted by Hawkeye[hsma] - 08-10-14 00:21 - 1 comments
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 Watch this.
Posted by Nemes[hsma] - 08-4-14 05:48 - 1 comments
So awhile back gpix and i had a good game of world of tanks and he sent the replay in to the mighty jingles, who is a famous world of tanks personality i guess you would call him. He makes a good living showing his and other peoples replays and commenting on them. Well gpix replay was shown on his show. Check it out.


Just to keep you up to speed. Gpix is dave and i'm steve. Enjoy.
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Posted by TheRealPsycho - 07-7-14 09:58 - 1 comments
Well I guess I will be out the gaming pc scene for a while I think I just blew a power supply and I have no money to get a new one

sorry everyone
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Posted by taint[hsma] - 07-4-14 10:18 - 0 comments
user posted image

I hope you have a happy, safe and fun 4th of the July and make it through the weekend with all your fingers.

You Might be a Redneck if:

-if your 4th of July fireworks were flea bombs.
-if your pet bunny Fluffy was the hit of Easter morning and then was served with sweet potatoes at the 4th of July picnic.
-if you can run from a lit firework without spilling a drop of your beer.
-if teaching your kids how to safely handle fireworks involves the words "and then you run like hell!”
-if you are arrested for smuggling fireworks across state line.
-if you think the Declaration of Independence is divorce papers.
-if your entire family gathers in a circle, holds out their hands, and -the one with the most fingers gets to light off this year’s fireworks.
-If possession of fireworks violates grandma's probation.
-if you moved the firework show inside because it was raining.
-if your favorite adult beverage doubles as lighter fluid.
-if America’s Funniest Home Videos sends a cameraman to your picnic.
-if you watch the fireworks from your deer stand.
-if your favorite game is guessing whether it was a gunshot, tailpipe or firework.
-if you think the last four words of the Star Spangled Banner are "Gentlemen... Start your engines.”
-if there are more tractors than cars at your town’s 4th of July parade.
-if there are eight chairs on your porch but none of them are safe to sit on.
-if three generations of your family are represented in the same wet T-shirt contest.

-Jeff Foxworthy

I hope it gave you all a laugh and don't forget what the 4th is all about, celebrating your freedoms brought to you courtesy of the outstanding Men and Women who serve and have served this country with honor, dedication, pride and sacrifice!

Thank you to those of you who have or are currently serving. I don't say it enough, no one does, you are amazing people and thank you so much for protecting myself, my family, my freedoms, and my country.

God Bless the USA!
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 Heartbleed bug
Posted by Nemes[hsma] - 04-10-14 20:26 - 1 comments
The Heartbleed bug!! If you were like me you were like "whats that?" or "how to fix?". This video explains it and has some helpful tips for you.

First up the video.

Secondly if you dont care to watch the video and use google chrome for your interwebz exploring, you can get this plugin here.
Just hit the little button on the top right, it says something like add to chrome or add or something like that. What this plugin does it warn you that the site you are on is not safe from the heartbleed bug and your data could be at risk.

Finally if you dont use chrome, or dont want to use the plugin use this site instead.
Just fill in the sites url and see if its safe to continue.

Hope this helps you out.

~Bye e~
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Posted by DeAtH[hsma] - 04-3-14 05:06 - 0 comments
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 A game just for us....
Posted by GPX[hsma] - 03-25-14 21:20 - 2 comments

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Posted by DeAtH[hsma] - 03-20-14 18:17 - 24 comments
Ghosts died out quick, BF 4 doesn't seem any better. Has anything come out that could bring everyone back to the same battlefield? Hell, I even got Rust one night cause a couple peeps were on it.

One game to rule them all...
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 want a billion dollars?
Posted by Nemes[hsma] - 03-16-14 19:22 - 0 comments
Would you like to win a billion dollars? I know i sure would. Quicken loans is doing a 1 billion dollar payout if you get a perfect bracket in the NCAA tournament for march madness. Even if you do not know the teams or who will win or anything. Just fill it out because you might be lucky enough to win a billion dollars.


I might be making my own pool with the next day. So heads up. I'll post that link on here and on FB if you are interested.

Not sure if this link works, but give it a try. Its to the pool i created for hsma. Pass is phockyu.

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 hey everyone
Posted by TheRealPsycho - 03-7-14 13:16 - 1 comments
hey everyone sorry for the hiatus i have been on for a bit. Real life has been keeping me busy and i finally have some free time and just wanted to say that im still here and wishing i could be playing more and more with you guys but as time goes on, games are getting harder and harder to play because of system requirements and video card issues, so even though i cant be there to play these games with my family that i am still here and not going anywhere

and with that being said thats the end of my rant for now

P.S. I love you guys and miss you guys alot
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